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Prof. Ralph Trüeb, MD

 Center for Dermatology and Hair Diseases
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Prof. Ralph Trüeb is regarded as an expert in the field of hair.  He has currently authored 149 peer-reviewed scientific publications and four textbooks on hair. Prof. Trüeb is the co-author of the seminal book on hair, Hair Growth and Disorders (Springer, 2008).  He recently co-edited a book entitled Aging Hair (Springer, 2010) in which he and his co-authors attempted to provide an up-to-date overview regarding all aspects of hair aging.  The book includes in-depth contributions from internationally recognized experts on the biologic basis as well as current concepts for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hair aging.  Prof. Trüeb contributed original chapters in the book regarding inflammation and fibrosis in androgenetic alopecia, the effects of tobacco smoking on hair, age-related general problems affecting the condition of hair, and possibilities and limitations for reversal of age-related hair pigment loss.

Prof. Trüeb shares his expertise and knowledge with the medical community not only through his professional writings, but also through the presentation of his research studies at major medical meetings throughout the world.

Professor Trüeb is Swiss Board certified Dermatologist, Allergologist and Clinical Immunologist, and until recently was Associate Professor at the Department of Dermatology, University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland, where he established and was Head of the Hair Consultation Clinic.  He is now in private practice at the Center for Dermatology and Hair Diseases in Wallisellen–Zurich. He is also the current President of the European Hair Research Society.

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